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I have to leave now…. I still have yet to watch the new episodes and listen to the new MG4 songs but I really need to leave…. ARG!!! Until then…

true hearts - interview


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Just found out the October girl was announced!

Ichisaki Reina CV: Kurosawa Tomoyo

I’ll wait till Ritsuki-senpai translates everything else since my Japanese is still not that good.

From what I do understand sort of.. is that she’s cheerful and popular and is a tsukkomi to Tsubaki. So a genki girl and a straightman all in one! And loves anime and manga.

From Tsukiuta’s blog 


I don’t know if anyone have posted this before, but…
Tsukiuta have announced Haduki You and Nagatsuki Yoru’s Duet CD!! It will be released on August 22nd \(^o^)/
The title of the song is 「DA☆KAI」

Anonymous sent:

This may be weird but you are a girl right?

Yes I am a girl. ^.^

Anonymous sent:

Chill, i was just curious, i dont Think its rude to ask if someones gay (shouta). I dont Think theres anything wrong With Being gay so i dont find the question rude, i was just curious

Is that so? Then if there’s no ill intention then it’s okay!! ^ w ^

I am still alive!!!!

After 5 days of no internet!!! Because there’s this typhoon that struck us here and a lot of things happened… yeah…

And also because my relatives from Taiwan has come here so I have to keep them company!!!! Uwaaahhh… I’ll really be moving back to Taiwan after a week!!!! XDXD

I’m actually at an internet cafe right now  because there’s still no internet back at my home and I have to leave again later soon because of stuff. I think I may not be able to use internet again for a few more days…. ugh…

So I’m going to make this quick and check up what’s new!!!!!! ^^

Both my brothers are playing Hearoes of the Storm in my room.

Oi!! Why!? Why are they in my room!?

I can’t play my otome games in my psp in peace!!

And i barely have space in my bed!!

I guess i should replay persona 3 instead?


【IA ROCKS】セツナドライブ

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[KMK]-Stick posters

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My father wants to borrow the laptop

So I’ll be using the tablet.

Ugh it’s hard to use tumblr using tablet…