"Sensei, KIRAI desu yo~" [01/02]
Detention Teacher
HoneyWorks (vFlower)
Translated by LM

Do your best Shoutan!! I may not be able to go to your live but still do your best!!! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

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Takuma Terashima in the photo book that came with the Makai Ouji event DVD.

Artist: そらる×まふまふ
Track: "すーぱーぬこわーるど"
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super nuko world - soraru x mafumafu
original by mafumafu

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guardianoftheunicorns sent:

Hi. I stumbled upon your blog while I was trying to find translations for the reward scenes in Uta no Prince-sama Music & Music 2 :) I kinda envy you 'cause you understand Japanese. I love otome games (it started when I played Persona 3 Portable and watched UtaPri 1 & 2, as well as Brothers Conflict and Diabolik Lovers) but I kinda got discouraged by the fact that most otome games are in Japanese :( Hope you could help me with that. PS, I really think your blog is awesome :)

Waaaii!!! Thank you so much!!! (ノ^∇^) Persona 3 was real fun no? I replayed it a lot of times myself!!

You shouldn’t get discouraged!!! Learn it!!! I self-learn it myself!!! If I can do it, I’m sure everyone else can do it!! Start by playing otome games!! That’s how I do it!!! And most importantly PATIENCE!!! Don’t give up just because there’s a kanji you can’t read!! Search it up and learn!!!

And it’ll be a pleasure to help out!! I’ll give advice and tips if you want!!


I darkened the production sketches so you can actually see them since a few were really light

these came from my own scans of the book I hope you guys like them!!

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Shinigami Kareshi series scans from June 2014 issue of B's Log (2/2)


Shinigami Kareshi series scans from June 2014 issue of B's Log (1/2)
Artist: Kohiyama Yuuto (C.V. Ono Knesho)
Track: "under the starry sky (sample song)"
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Sample song of under the starry sky!! (。´∀`)ノ

My first reaction was, HOOOOOLLLLLYYYY WOOAAHH!!!! THIS IS MY TYPE OF SONG!!! Oh wow the feels!!! ;A; Because Yuuto goes to Seigetsu Gakuen, the same school in Starry Sky. Because this has the same composer as the starry sky songs and this song has that “starry” feel to it so…. GYAAA STARRY SKY FEEEEEEELS!!!! Plus the fact that Kensho sings this!!!! ARGGG NOOOO!!!! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

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For those of you following the announcement of honeybee’s new game with Satoi, their official blog and twitter are up!

Blog: here
Twitter: birth_song_info

And to celebrate getting 3000 followers already, Satoi drew a lovely drawing of Nami-sensei, Cocoro (ココロ, but romanized as Cocoro in the magazine scans at least), and Kairi! Does owl-san have a name? Idk

New information about the game is scheduled to be released in June’s B’s-Log!

I understand how you feel. Nowadays, I’ve been getting into arguments with my parents that I just cry myself to sleep… Well, I hope Ritsuki-senpai is alright. ^^

I’ll survive!!! I’ve handled worse so it’s okay!! (^~^)

キミ専用(ONLY)HERO!!! Lyrics & Translation


Uwaa! It’s been a while since I’ve translated again! 

This song is the OP of the game, Minus Eight! It’s very meaningful, I swear. Knowing the game, this song made me melt. As expected from Rejet! 

There are terms here that you might not be familiar with so I put the meaning at the end of the post! Also, I kinda rearranged the translation a bit so it wouldn’t come off weird.

Please credit me if you’re using my translations! 

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night sky tutorial . by megatruh

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I was hoping to read a tweet of an audio sample for volume 4 of the duet series when I visited their official twitter account, but found these instead.
So the female units of months December-May & June-November are now officially Fluna and Seleas, respectively.