Six Gravity drama CD 1 track 1 translation


Recently I’ve been a huge fan of the the Tsukiuta drama CD series. Tsukiuta means ‘monthly song’ and it features an idol for each month, with the 12 of them split into two units. I love it because of the music and it has some of my favourite seiyuu in the cast ^^

I found a Chinese translation on baidu of the drama CDs and since I’ve seen very few English translations I thought I’d take a break from my other translations and try doing this~

The translation isn’t 100% since it’s gone from Japanese -> Chinese -> English but I listened to the track as I translated it to help with the flow and overall feeling of each sentence. If you see anything wrong or if there’s a better way to phrase something please let me know!

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Twitter / Minoru0320: 太陽の顏 (´Д`) …

Anonymous sent:

Hi Ritsuki-san! Just wondering would you consider the Tsukiuta series otome? I saw some people tag it as such. And well I'm not well versed in otome things and I know you play a lot of otome games so I thought you would know.

Mmm… not really I guess. It’s originally just a cd collaboration series. And Tsukiuta is not really entirely otome since there’s also female characters. Plus there’s no info saying it is in the otome genre. But this is just my opinion.

But it is more popular towards the girls!! ^^ I would like a Tsukiuta otome game (with also the girls’ routes please!!) but I rather want a Tsukiuta RHYTHM game!! O(≧▽≦)O

Anonymous sent:

Good luck with those requests!! >.< I can somewhat understand because I often get those too when I'm already swamped with other responsibilities orz Oh and I also want to thank you for the Kimi ni Hana wo, Kimi ni Hoshi wo translations! They were also posted on my birthday so I'm really happy //// Good luck, Ritsukiii! Do your best too!

Waaaaahhh!!! Thanks you so much!! I’m somewhat inspired now!!! I’ll do my best!!!

And happy belated birthday!! Take my Hana Hoshi translations as a girft to you Anon-chan!!! LOL o((*^▽^*))o

I have drawing commissions…

10 of it!!!! And I want to finish it before this Friday before I move back to Taiwan.

I won’t get paid though… The request is by an old chinese teacher of mine and I can’t decline since she already gave me the drawing details and paper and stuff. Ugh… this is just so sudden….

So I won’t be translating for a few days. I’m sorry. (╯︵╰,) I want to finish translating Onoken’s last 3 new songs as soon as possible darn it… 

Artist: カミュ(CV.前野智昭)
Track: "AURORA"
Plays: 312 plays
♫ AURORA ~ Camus 
Artist: Maeno Tomoaki
Track: "Junketsu Naru Ai「純潔なる愛 ~Aspiration~」"
Plays: 490 plays


Junketsu Naru Ai「純潔なる愛 ~Aspiration~」Camus

カミュ(CV.前野智昭) / うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪アイドルソングシリーズ 

alissocool sent:

Hi! Do you know why Camus' songs (AURORA and Junketsu Naru Ai Aspiration) are nowhere?? Did only they not get released or something...? Like, I can find full songs of the other members'... Thank you! I love your blog!! (:

You kidding me? Camus’ songs are already out a long time ago!! XD 


akuroyukou sent:

Ritsuki-san, I hear Tsukiuta get otome game, is really? And can you share name of Procellarum and Six Gravity? Thanks~ ^^

As much as I’ll die for a Tsukiuta otome game, sadly I don’t see or hear any news of the sort.

Share name of Procellarum and Six Gravity? ?????????

Anonymous sent:

CHiCo is the singer or composer of Ao Haru Ride's opening? If a singer, I never heard of her

CHiCo is the singer while the composer is by a group called Honeyworks!! 

Truth is I also never heard of CHiCo before (I believe she’s a pretty new singer??) but I came to really like her thanks to Ao Haru Ride’s opening!!



The seiyuus participating though!! My heart an’t handle!!! (* >ω<)

I am so going to watch this and I have already timeshifted it!!!


Scans of original new art from the new Free! Eternal Summer Guidebook, on sale today! There is much more inside, including detailed character designs and genga/douga from the first episode. Sorry I am not very good at scanning books like this, but please enjoy anyway!

These scans include the full cover, back and front, ending design sketches by director Utsumi, and other drawings by the character designer.

Anonymous sent:

Ritsuki-chan, I've a request for you. I know it's early to ask this but 'Can you make a review for Utapri all star after secret?' Onegaiiiiiiiiii! ><

No worries!! That’s what I plan to!!!! You can expect me to do a super detailed Ai’s route’s review as soon as the game comes!! o(*゚▽゚*)o

Unless I died because of him in the game… LOL

But the game is still half a year away… I wanna play it now… (´;ω;`)

CHU CHU LUV ♥ SCANDAL Lyrics & Translation



Goodness this song is so catchy yet • • • ! I won’t say anymore but my thoughts are already summed up in what KENN-sama (Eru’s VA) said in the interview:

"The song title indeed does give off this cute feeling but when I read the lyrics, it’s actually very scandalous. (lol)" 

You can listen to it here and die with me!

Please do credit me if you use my translations! 

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this is pretty interesting. Remember this agency’s name being mentioned a few times in some mini dramas and the group’s official drama CD’s? It finally has a site.

There’s also an announcement in the website that John, the composer for the songs for September (both Yoru and Akane’s), is debuting with a new album coming this winter.