Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (ミカグラ学園組曲) Volume 03 illustration


HoneyWorks is uploading a new video tomorrow at 6PM! Gom says that Haruki-kun is cool in this PV, and there’s going to be a new character, to!

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Fukuyama Jun?

Oh there’s still people asking!!

1. My favourite role: Kinose Azusa from Starry Sky (I freaking love him okay!)

2. My least favourite role: Absolutely none!

3. A character type I want to see them play more often: Serious characters that has a very cute moe side to them!!

4. Would I watch a show just because he’s in it?: Sure!!

5. Three more roles I like him in: Yata (K), Birthday (Hamatora), Kei (Special A)

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Haha! You made me try to find mine… (cause yo know, I already answered this a long time ago) X’DDD

LOL!! You really don’t have to because I already read it before!!! X3

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Artist: Haryuu Tetsu (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)
Track: "Straight Eyes"
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Photograph Journey ~in Miyagi~
Straight Eyes
by Haryuu Tetsu (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)
Just 12(+1) TsukiUta-related questions ;)

Got these questions from ebeecchi!! Might as well right? I hope others can also answer this as well!! 

Answers under the cut because IT’S REALLY LONG. I’m not kidding.

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Just 12(+1) TsukiUta-related questions ;)


I was thinking of making a 30-day TsukiUta challenge but I’m not really that creative when it comes to formulating queries so… just 13. Nothing special about that number, really. haha. I was both bored and curious when I wrote this. Anyway, could you do this if you’re bored or something, please? I’d love to read your answers :D

  1. How’d you get to know the TsukiUta series?
  2. Got a favorite idol member from Six Gravity?
  3. From Procellarum?
  4. How about from the girls’ side of months 12-5?
  5. Overall favorite character from the series?
  6. Favorite VocaP. producer from the series
  7. Top 3 TsukiUta songs
  8. Now, narrow down the answers in number 7 to just one song.
  9. Which character from the series would you associate yourself with (in terms of personality and such)?
  10. Who would you want to have as your (idol) unit leader, Mutsuki Hajime or Shimotsuki Shun and why?
  11. So aside from upcoming duets by members of the same unit, what are you looking forward to see from the series? (e.g: a unit song by the whole group, etc)
  12. Between the two male idol units (Six Gravity & Procellarum), you’re more biased towards which group?
    Bonus! Especially for the VocaP.-savvy:
  13.  If you were given the freedom to add one more Vocaloid Producer to compose and make music,  who would it be? And oh, a song sample would be nice :D

don’t forget to tag your posts over at #tsukiuta / #ツキウタ in your tag list :D

[edited! lol sorry seemed that I ran into some problems while posting and I didn’t get to double check the post for redundant questions. haha. Thanks for pointing it out Ritsuki!]